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Song Quotes: My Collection, Part One

Here is a collection of song quotes I’ve had since about a week ago.  If you see any wrong lyric, let me know in the comments below.  Thanks!

“Waiting for this life to change seems like it’s taking me forever.  And I can’t hold on.  This life is breaking into the day.” -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Waiting

“Who are you anyways?  I can’t count how many days you weren’t here.  The walls were closing in on me, but I don’t live in debt no more.” -3OH!3, Set You Free

“And you are the one that lights the fire.  I am the one who takes you higher.  I lose my voice when you say my name.  That’s my name, that’s my name, that’s my name.” -Akcent, That’s My Name

“Your pops stayed the same and your moms moved away.  How many of our parents seem to make it anyway?  We’re just fumbling through the gray trying to find a heart that’s not walking away.  Turn the lights down low.  Walk these halls alone.  We can feel so far from so close.” -Mat Kearney, Ships In The Night

“When you’re gone the pieces of my heart are missing you.  When you’re gone the face I came to know is missing too.  When you’re gone all the words I need to hear to always get me through day.  And make it okay.  I miss you.” -Avril Lavigne, When You’re Gone

“Where were you when everything was falling apart?  All my days spent by the telephone that never rang.  And all I needed was a call.” -The Fray, You Found Me

“Lost and insecure, you found me, you found me lying on the floor, surrounded, surrounded.  Why’d you have to wait?  Where were you?  Where were you?  Just a little late.  You found me, you found me.” -The Fray, You Found Me

“I cried out with no reply and I can’t feel you by my side.  So, I’ll hold tight to what I know.  You’re here.  And I’m never alone.” -BarlowGirl, Never Alone

“Hear the drum pounding out of time.  Another protester has crossed the line to find the money’s on the other side.” -Green Day, Holiday

“I’m here without you baby, but you’re still on my lonely mind.  I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.  I’m here without you baby, but you’re still with me in my dreams.  And tonight it’s only you and me.” -3 Doors Down, Here Without You



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