Harry Potter Series II: Albus Potter Chapter VIII

Chapter VIII

A few minutes later, class was dismissed. Rose and Albus met James and his mates, Chris Thomas and Seamus Finnigan II in the corridor.

“Two hours later and I still haven’t got it!” said James shaking his head disbelieving the time he had in Charms.

“Oh, James, will you shut up?” asked Chris.

James grinned mischievously, “Never.”

Everyone groaned. When they heard a girl calling someone, “Hey, Potter, hold on!” called Iris.

“Me?” asked James.

“No,” said Iris, disgusted, “the other Potter.”

Chris and Seamus whooped as Albus and Rose turned around.

“Hello, Iris,” said Albus. Rose was glowering.

“Hi, Potter,” said Iris, “you’ve got to see this.”

“See what?” asked Albus.

“Come on!” said Iris grabbing Albus’s wrist and pulling him towards their Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Great, thought Albus, we’ve got a double Defense with the Slytherins.

When Albus, Rose, Iris, Chris, James, and Seamus walked into the classroom, most of the students were crowded around something on the wall.

They pushed through the crowd and saw what had drawn everyone’s attention. A gold plaque.

Severus Tobias Snape

1960 – 1998

Remus John Lupin

1960 – 1998

“Why didn’t you write about this, James?” asked Albus in a low voice. His eyes didn’t leave the plaque. He was mesmerized by it.

Albus had a flashback:

James was eight, Albus was seven, and Lily was five. Harry and Ginny had taken the children to the graveyard on May 2, the day of the Second Wizarding War…

“Mummy, where are we going?” asked Lily as her father drove the car.

“We are going to visit the graveyard,” said Ginny.

Seven-year-old Albus looked out the window. It was raining.

“I don’t want to visit the graveyard,” said Lily, “it’s dark and scary there.”

“Lily, it isn’t scary there. We are just visiting some old friends,” said Harry, “and I’ll be with you, and Mummy will be with you, and so will James and Albus…”

Albus felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up, and then looked back at the plaque, “Professor.”

Albus froze and did a double-take.

He knew that face.

TEDDY!” exclaimed Albus and Rose as they looked up to see Ted Lupin grinning down on them.