Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter VII

Chapter VII

Albus and Iris were out until one o’clock in the morning discovering secret passage ways, empty classrooms, and the bathroom where Moaning Myrtle lives.

Later in the morning, First Year Griffindors had Potions with Professor Slughorn.

“Good morning, students. I am your Potions master, Professor Horace Slughorn!” said Slughorn joyfully.

“Now, today, class, we will all brew the Boil Cure Potion. The Boil Cure Potion is a potion used to clear boils. Check the board to see what you’ll need,” said Slughorn.

Slughorn waved his wand and a cauldron appeared in front of each student.

Albus and Rose rushed over to the supply cabinet as did everyone else.

“Dried nettles… crushed snake fangs… stewed horned slugs…” muttered Rose under her breath as she collected the ingredients.

“Rose, relax,” said Albus looking worriedly at Rose, her red hair becoming frizzy as she leaned over her cauldron, reading her Potions book.

“Relax? Relax!” exclaimed Rose, “How am I to relax when I have a Potion to perfect?” asked Rose.

“Uh, okay, don’t relax then!” said Albus trying his best to calm his poor cousin.

“Very, very good, Ms. -” started Slughorn as he examined each Potion.

“Weasley,” said Rose proudly.

“Ms. Weasley,” said Slughorn, “this is a very nice Potion, very nice, indeed,” said Slughorn.