Harry Potter Series: II Albus Severus Potter Chapter XI

Chapter XI

“Excuse me…” said Teddy as he noticed a girl who didn’t look like she belonged in the Gryffindor Tower headed towards the Gryffindor Tower.

“Nott!” called Teddy.

Iris spun around.  “Yes, Professor Lupin?” asked Iris in a bored voice.

“Where are you headed?” asked Teddy suspiciously.

“Uh… the Gryffindor Common Room?” said Iris slowly.

“Aren’t you in…” said Teddy as his eyes drifted down to her tie. It was red and gold.

“Congratulations on becoming a Gryffindor,” said Teddy, embarrassed.

“Thanks,” said Iris bitterly as she turned and walked away.

Albus really wanted to talk to Teddy.  Not about anything important, just to talk.  Albus was still walking around the corridors because classes were canceled due to a meeting that the teachers were required to attend.  Since Teddy was most definitely at that meeting, he decided to get more acquainted with the castle.  Just as Albus was loosing his train of thought, he ran into his cousin Fred.

“Oh, sorry, Fred, that was all my fault,” said Albus.

“No need to apologize, Albus,” said Fred.

Fred handed Albus a tied scroll.  “This is from Hagrid.”

“Oh,” said Albus.

“Yes.  He says he wants you and your new friends to come to his hut for tea,” said Fred brushing himself off.

“But isn’t he supposed to be at-” said Albus.

“Well,” said Fred, “considering the circumstances, with Hagrid being a giant and all, I do not think it was required for him to attend the meeting.”

“Ah.  Well then I should probably go visit him then, eh?” said Albus.

“Yes, yes, you best go visit him now,” said Fred.

“Would you like to join us?” said Albus looking at Fred.

“No, no thank you, Albus. I’ll see you later, though,” said Fred as he walked down the corridor leaving Albus standing alone in the middle of the corridor holding a rather large piece of parchment from a special friend.

“Yeah, nice to see you too!” called Albus over the small racket.