Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XIV

Chapter XIV

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Albus found the East Wing.  Albus saw portraits on every wall with an inch of space between each frame.  It was very loud in that corridor.  They were all talking.

He walked slowly paying attention to each portrait, each portrait seizing their conversation to stop and stare at Harry Potter’s son.  Albus realized that they were all portraits of everyone who died in the Battle.

Albus stopped near Teddy’s quarters and saw a gold plaque.  The plaque was for Remus and Tonks, Teddy’s late parents.

Albus suddenly realized that it was very quiet in the usually loud corridor.  He looked around to realize that everyone was staring at him!

He heard someone whisper, “Look!  It’s that Potter boy!”

When Remus and Tonk’s portrait heard this, they stopped talking and turned to Albus.

“He looks just like Harry… He even has his eyes,” said Tonks.  She managed to bump into a silver vase that was in the portrait.  It shattered, and magically fixed itself.

Albus’s eyes were wide.

“Albus Severus Potter,” said Lupin calmly, “I would shake your hand, but… Well, you can see how that is a problem.”

“Hrrllo,” said Albus.

Tonks looked at him funnily.

Albus shook his head and tried again, “I mean, ‘hello.'”

“Password, Albus Potter?” said Lupin smiling.

“Err… Right, sorry, victory,” said Albus trying to sound as calm as he could.  Not that he was astonished, he had some talking portraits at home, but he had never seen something repair itself magically on its own accord.

The portrait swung open revealing two doorways on either of Albus’s sides, and large French doors straight ahead of him.

He looked in the doorway to the left and saw a living room with three more doors.  Albus looked down the doorway to the right and saw a kitchen.

Albus saw slight movements behind the French doors, so he went ahead and knocked.

Albus could hear Teddy talking with someone.  Teddy halted in the middle of a word.  “Enter,” said Teddy cautiously.

Albus opened the door.

“Albus!  I didn’t know you were visiting!  Come in, come in, I was just talking to Professor Dumbledore.  He was telling me about a brief portrait trip he took to Spain.”

“Hello, Teddy, Professor Dumbledore,” said Albus politely.

“Albus Severus!” exclaimed Dumbledore.  “I haven’t seen you in a while!  I was just at your house!”

Albus grinned up at his Headmaster on the wall.

“Albus, would it kill you to speak in a lower voice?” asked a familiar drawl.

“Oh, Severus,” said Dumbledore, “I am already dead, and we mustn’t forget who got me in this state, now, must we?”

“It was a set-up,” mumbled Snape.

“Severus,” chided Dumbledore, “we have a guest!”

“I noticed.”

“Well, Albus, it is very good to see you!  I’m off to visit Harry.  Ta ta for now!” said Dumbledore slipping out of his portrait.