Harry Potter Series: II Albus Severus Potter Chapter XVIII

Chapter XVIII

It was now December 5th.  Albus was packing his trunk.  He was excited to see his family again.

Everyone who was leaving for Christmas piled into the Entrance Hall.

McGonagall walked in.  “I hope you all have a pleasant Christmas!”

Teddy Levitated his, Seamus’s, Iris’s, James’s, Fred’s, Rose’s and Albus’s trunks and they all got on the Hogwarts Express.  Victoire was going to meet them on the train.  After all, she and Teddy were dating.

Teddy chose a compartment in the back of the train.  Three hours later, the trolley came by.  Teddy got everyone treats.

When the trolley lady was about to leave, Albus stopped her.

“Excuse me, madam,” said Albus.

“Yes, dear?” said the lady.

“Can I have one more Chocolate Frog for my little sister?” asked Albus.

“Yes, yes, dear, of course.”

Six hours later, everyone but Teddy was asleep.

Eight hours later, the train had arrived at Kings Cross Station.

They were home.