Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XIX

Chapter XIX

“James! Albus!” exclaimed Lily, Ginny, and Harry as they rushed over to the entrance of the train.

“Teddy, Teddy!  Look what Daddy bought for me!” exclaimed Lily as Teddy picked Lily up and swung her in the air.  Lily held the ball up in the air to show it off.  It was a Remembrall.

Victoire cooed over how much Lily had grown.

“Angelina!  Ah, there’s my mini Fred,” said Ginny.  “Wait, where’s George?”

“Did you not receive my owl?” asked Angelina holding her daughter’s hand.

Ginny scrutinized Angelina.  “No, I didn’t get any owl.  Harry, did you receive an owl?”

Harry shook his head grimly.  He knew whatever was coming out of Angelina’s mouth next was bad news.

“It’s Lee- he’s terrible!” said Angelina.

“Aunt Angelina, what’s the matter?” asked Rose, getting off the train as her parents and brother approached her.

“Lee’s what?” asked Ron as he and Hermione appeared with Hugo.

“Well, a product Lee was trying to get straight… Well… Let’s just say he didn’t manage to get it straight,” said Angelina.

“What’s wrong, Aunt Angelina?” asked Hugo looking up at her.

“Yes, what’s all the trouble about?” asked Hermione looking anxiously at Angelina.

“Lee has Scrofungulus.”