A Tom Riddle Story Chapter: I

Chapter I

Lily and Severus were walking down the corridor after Potions.

“Sev, if you really think those stupid Mauraders are going to bully you, why don’t you just tell them off when they approach you?” asked Lily.

Fifteen-year-old Severus turned to Lily.  “Because that’ll provoke them even more!”

“Well, why don’t you…” started Lily, but her voice was drowned out by laughter.

“… I’m telling you, Sirius!  Remus actually did it!” exclaimed James loudly.

“It really was nothing,” said Remus modestly.

“Here come my problems,” muttered Severus, “although I must say, I’m surprised.  I thought they were inseparable.”

“Huh?” asked Lily, distracted.

“Pettigrew is missing,” said Severus pointedly.

“Hello, Lily,” said Remus politely.

“Hi, Evans,” said James and Sirius in unison.

“Hello, Remus.  How… er- are things?” asked Lily about Remus’s “furry little problem.”

“Quite well, thanks.”

“What are you doing?” hissed Severus into Lily’s ear.  “You’re making small talk with the enemies!”

“Hey, Evans,” started James, “will you go out with me?”

Severus growled, James gazed at Lily, Remus looked amused, and Sirius was smirking at Snape.

Lily was agitated with James.  “For the 47th time, Potter, no!”

“So you’ve been counting,” said James, intentionally infuriating Lily.

“Wha- I- No, I have not!” sputtered Lily.

Severus turned to Lily, who obviously looked uncomfortable, and her face was flaming.

“You’ll pay, Potter,” said Severus, reaching into his robes to fetch his wand, but James was much too fast.  He Disarmed Severus, leaving him vulnerable, save Lily.

“Here is my window of opportunity, Sirius,” started James, “I’ve always wanted to try this out on someone, and Snivellus might just be the One!”

Sirius’s smirk grew wider.

“Evanesco!” shouted James.

“NO, SEV!” screamed Lily knocking Severus to the tile.

James’s eyes widened, and half a second later, Lily was gone.