A Tom Riddle Story Chapter: III


And a second later, Lily was gone.

Chapter III

Lily woke up in an alley.

Where am I? thought Lily sitting up.  She stood up and looked around.  Lily realized she must me in London.

She walked out of the alley and saw a tall building.  It was gray and had gates.  She saw a woman walking down the street.

Lily ran towards the woman.  “Pardon, pardon!”

The woman turned around.  “Yes, dear?”

Lily was panting.  “Could you tell me where I am?”

“You’re in London, dear.”

“Tha-thank you,” said Lily.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” said Lily, doubling over.

“Oh, my!”


The woman took Lily by the arm and led her to the tall building.

The woman knocked on the door.  Another woman answered it.  “Yes?”

“Hello, Mrs. Cole.  My name is Charlotte Mason.  This young woman approached me, I’ve never seen her ’round here, and I think she ought to have your care.”

Mrs. Cole glanced at Charlotte and then at Lily.  “Thank you.”

Mrs. Cole took Lily inside.

“What is your name?” asked Mrs. Cole.

“Lily… Lily Evans.”

“Where did you come from, Lily?” asked Mrs. Cole, leading her inside.

“I…” started Lily.

The last thing she remembered was a tall boy with dark hair looking at her as she fell.