Harry Potter Series: II Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXII

Chapter XXII

Three hours later, everyone had rested and was sitting on the couch while Ginny was laying out dinner.

“Dinner is ready!” yelled Ginny from the kitchen.

For dinner, as a treat for Iris, Ginny had bought a frozen pizza, corn, French fries, and for dessert, she made a kidney pie with vanilla ice cream.

Iris was intrigued by the pizza, French fries, and the ice cream.

After dinner, everyone helped with house decorating, and Teddy and Victoire arrived.

Harry, James, and Seamus put lights outside.  Lily was putting tall plastic candy canes on the front lawn with Iris asking her what they were and what the purpose of them was.

“Well, what are they?” asked Iris.

“They’re candy canes!” squealed Lily.

“Are they real canes?”

“No, silly!  Candy canes are little sweets that look like miniature canes.  They taste like peppermint.”

“Oh,” said Iris.

“Why don’t you go inside and ask Mum for one?  We have loads of them.”


Meanwhile, Ginny, and Albus were decorating the tree while Victoire and Teddy were baking cookies and making hot chocolate.

Iris walked into the house.

“Hi, Iris,” said Albus.

“Hi,” said Iris.

“Oh, hello, Iris.  Need help with anything?” asked Ginny.

“Uh, no, actually, I was wondering if I could…” said Iris, feeling a blush creep up on her.

“Yes?” said Ginny.

“Um… I’d like to try a… Candy cane.”

“Of course!” said Ginny wrestling with the Christmas lights.  “Albus, get her a candy cane.”

“Okay,” said Albus, motioning Iris to follow him.

“The sweets are always hidden.  Dad likes to sneak them,” explained Albus.  He opened a cupboard and held a cup out to Iris.  She plucked one out of the cup and opened the package.  She took a bite out of it and chewed it.  Albus watched her expression carefully.

“These are good,” said Iris.

Albus grinned.

It was a cheery night.

There was laughter coming from the kitchen, James and Seamus yelling out while playing Exploding Snap, scoldings from Ginny to Harry, and Lily was dancing around merrily.

And everyone was happy.