A Tom Riddle Story Chapter: II

Chapter II

Severus stood up from where he fell while James, Sirius, and Remus stared at the empty space in which Lily Vanished.

“You… You’ve made her disappear!” shouted Severus.

“I’ve made her disappear?” said James.  “That was meant for you!”

“Try explaining that to Dumbledore!’ said Severus hysterically as he stomped to the headmaster’s office.


Severus was rushing to Dumbledore’s office with the Mauraders on his tail.

“Hey, Snivellus!” yelled Sirius.

“Get lost!” shouted Snape, his voice wavering.

“Snape!  Wait!  SEVERUS!” shouted James.

Everyone halted.

“Alright, here it is,” said James in a tone nobody ever thought James Potter would speak in.  He was frightened.  “We both want Lily back, right?”

Snape nodded.

“Then we need to work… As a team.”

Everyone stared at James.  Then, Sirius and Severus let out their feelings.

“Have you absolutely gone mental?” screeched Sirius.

“There is no way I’d ever work with you, Potter!” spat Snape.

“Then I suppose we won’t be seeing much of Lily Evans any time soon,” said James, walking away.

Two seconds passed.  “Potter, wait.”

James turned around.  “Do you promise not to tell anyone about this?”

Severus sighed.  “I promise.”

“Good.  We must keep this under the table, got it?”

“Yes, Potter, I’ve got it,” growled Snape.

“But that won’t give us much time,” said Sirius, “sure, we can come up with an excuse for where she might be at lunch, but we can’t keep her whereabouts to ourselves at dinner.”

“We don’t even know of her whereabouts,” said James.

“Yeah, but-” started Sirius.

“Yes, Black.  I am sure that it is well-established that we cannot cover Lily at dinner.”

Sirius scowled at Snape.

“Moony,” said James, “you’ve been awfully quiet.  You won’t tell anyone about this, will you?  I mean, I understand that you’re a prefect and all, but, Mauraders before school, right?”

Remus glanced at the pleading faces of his friends and Snape.

“No. No… I don’t suppose I will,” said Remus, his mouth slowly spreading into a smile.

James and Sirius started whooping and clapping Remus on the back.

“Potter- Bla- Lu- MAURADERS!” screeched Severus.

The three boys froze in their actions.

“Does anyone even know where Lily is?”



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