Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXIII

Chapter XXIII

The next morning, many owls arrived at the Potter residence with presents.  Ginny had managed to keep the kids occupied by telling them to wash up before breakfast, and while Ginny did that, Harry wrapped, labeled, and arranged presents under the tree.  The Muggle way.

Seamus and Iris’s guardians had sent presents to their children and cards to Harry and Ginny.

Dear Harry and Ginny,

Thank you so much for having Seamus over for the holidays- again!  He really enjoys being around your family.  We hope Seamus is acting like a proper guest, and if he is not, please warn him that a Howler is in his future!

Your children- James, Albus, and Lily- are welcome over at our place any time.

Happy Christmas!

Seamus and Cressida

Harry smiled and placed the card on the table.  He opened the letter from Iris’s parents.

Harry and Ginevra,

Thank you for taking Iris in for the holidays.  Theodore and I appreciate it very much.  We bought the two of you a small gift.  It really is nothing much… Just to show our gratitude.  Please accept this gift as a token of remorse. 

Well wishes, and Happy Christmas,

Theodore and Pansy Nott

Ginny came downstairs with the whole pack behind her.  “Alright, everyone, eat up.  It’s going to be a long chaotic day, because we are all going to go Christmas shopping… In Diagon Alley.”


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