A Tom Riddle Story Chapter IV


“Does anyone even know where Lily is?”

Chapter IV

James, Sirius, Remus, and Severus entered the Great Hall- as a group.

The Hall grew quiet.  Everyone looked at the four boys.

“What?” shouted Sirius, attracting the attention of some teachers.  “You act as though you’ve never seen friendly interactions between Gryffindors and Slytherins!”

And with that, everyone returned to their lunch.

“Hello, James!” said Mary McDonald brightly.

“Er, hello, Mary,” said James as Sirius sniggered.

“Have you seen Lily?” asked Mary as she batted her eyelashes at James.

“Have you got something in your eye, Mary?” asked Sirius.  James and Sirius started laughing hysterically while Remus elbowed the two, surpressing his own smile.

“Pardon my friends’ manners,” said Remus charmingly.  He smiled at Mary.

“Right.  You never answered my question, James.  Where is Lily?”

“Oh, right!  She was caught sno-” started Sirius with his story.

“Lily is not feeling very well,” said James, smoothly.

“Oh.  Wait, how would you know?  Lily can’t stand you.”

“I saw Snivellus personally escorting her to the common room,” said James, clenching his fists in “jealousy.”

“Oh.  Maybe I should go see her,” said Mary thoughtfully.

“Uh, no,” said James, “that won’t be nessessary.”  He flashed her a smile.

“Oh.  Alright, James,” said Mary dreamily.

James and Sirius left the Great Hall, not hungry anymore.  They left Remus to mingle with his fellow prefects.

“Wait,” said Sirius, “weren’t we supposed to meet Peter?”

The two looked at each other.  “Nah.”


Snape was eating his soup when Mulciber nudged him.

“Why so quiet, Snape?  Do you miss your Mudblood?” asked Mulciber.

Severus counted to five in his head before giving an answer.  “You must be hallucinating, Mulciber, for, I am not quiet, I am merely saving my voice for when it is most needed.”

“Where is your Mudblood?” asked Rosier.

“Merlin!  Would you fancy it if someone constantly referred to you as a Mudblood?” snapped Severus.

“It isn’t a term you’re supposed to fancy being called,” said Muciber.

“If I were a Mudblood and someone called me out for it, I’d take it like a man,” said Rosier.  “I would treat pure bloods like gold- the way we’re supposed to be treated.  I would mark myself as a disgrace, and then I would-”

“Enough!” said Severus, trying not to cause a scene.  He stood from the table, his appetite disintegrating as though it was never there, and left without a word.


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