Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXVI

Chapter XXVI

Ginny and the kids said ‘bye’ to Hermione, Rose, and Hugo, and they went home.  Albus wanted some alone time, so he went to his room.  His room was painted red, green, yellow, and blue, one color for each wall.  Not to mention, they were the Hogwarts colors.  He had a four-poster bed against the wall.  His mum had collected crimson bed sheets and golden pillow cases.  Aunt Hermione had enchanted the ceiling just like the Great Hall ceiling.  It was charmed to look like the night sky at night.  If it were raining, it would be charmed to rain, but it would not land on anyone.  Same if it were snowing.

There was a knock on the portrait.

“Come in,” said Albus flatly.

“Teddy!”  Albus jumped off of the bed.  He ran to Teddy.

“Hey, Albus.”

“You’re back from visiting your grandmum?” asked Albus.

“Yes.  Harry invited her here for Christmas,” said Teddy.

“Oh, I can’t wait for Christmas!” said Albus.

“Neither can I,” said Teddy.

“How’s Victoire?”  Albus grinned.

Teddy blushed.

“Oh, come on, Teddy!  James spotted you lot snogging in Kings Cross.  It’s no secret.”

Teddy moaned.  “I’m going to kill James.”

“Not before Christmas, you’re not.  I’d rather be opening my presents on Christmas than figuring out what you did to mess up James.”

Teddy grinned.  “I can wait.”


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