Only the Pure-Bloods Shall Stay

Salazar strode down a corridor.  Godric, Helga, and Rowena are being extremely foolish, thought Salazar to himself.  Why they would even think to allow filthy half-bloods, Mudbloods, and half breeds into the school, I will never understand.  I’ll show them to allow these students not worthy of magic into Hogwarts.

Salazar reached his destination.  The second-floor girls’ lavatory.

He walked in and performed a number of spells.  He had created a chamber.

And this chamber would only open when his heir returned to the school.  In this chamber would reside a great beast, that only his heir could control.  A Basilisk.  A giant serpent. This Basilisk will instantly kill any student who looks it directly in the eye.  But, it is really meant to terminate those filthy Mudbloods.

He then Summoned the Basilisk in Parseltongue.  “Phoosss-ti hasss he fe.”

The Basilisk hissed and slithered to Salazar.  “Sssahoss-sssheessssh ssshiy-sssee hiy ssssthee-a-eela.”

And the Basilisk went into its chamber.

Salazar sealed the chamber.  He then departed.

He stood outside of the sinks in the girls’ lavatory.  “Oh, yes.  No one is to tarnish pure-blood.”

And then, he left.  For good.


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