Will He?

Hannah was waiting for her date in the Leaky Cauldron.  Neville Longbottom.  They had been dating for a few years now.  She was wondering if Neville would ever propose to her.

Hannah had fancied Neville since her sixth year at Hogwarts.  She was now 25.

“Hello, Hannah!” said Hermione cheerfully.  She was with her husband, Ronald Weasley.

“Oh.  Hello, Hermione, Ron.  Fancy seeing the pair of you here.”

“Oh, yes.  We’ve just gotten back from our honeymoon.  Paris, you know,” said Hermione.

“Yeah.  We heard you’re trying to buy the place,” said Ron, gesturing to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Yeah, well.  I’ve wanted to buy this place for a while now…” said Hannah.

“Are you waiting for anyone special?” asked Hermione.

“Yes.  Neville was supposed to meet me here ’round now.  Have you lot seen him?”

“No… No not since we’ve gotten back,” said Ron.

Hermione glanced at Ron.  “Well, we’d better be off, then.  We promised Harry, Ginny, and Teddy we would see them right when we got back.”

“Oh!  Teddy lives with the Potters now?” asked Hannah.

Hermione laughed.  “He may as well.  He visits them a lot.  Have you seen Harry and Ginny’s baby?”

“No, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him myself.  Neville says he’s absolutely adorable, though.”

“James Sirius,” said Ron.

“Well, we should really go.  I already owled Harry and Ginny telling them we’d be on our way,” said Hermione.

“Okay.  It was great seeing you two,” said Hannah.

“You too.  Say hello to Neville from the both of us,” said Ron.

“Same for Harry and Ginny.”

Hermione and Ron departed.

Hannah saw Neville approaching her.

“Good evening, Neville,” said Hannah.

Neville smiled at her nervously and clutched a small box in his hand.


“Hannah Abbott, I have to ask you something…”


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