Changes to the site.

Hey, everyone.  So, you might have noticed I only posted a few stories.  I’m just so tired.  I did however, change the site a bit.  I like the change.  Change is good, right?  Anyway,  here is your Spell of the Week…

Disclaimer:  I still wish I came up with the Wonderful World of Harry Potter, but I don’t.  I guess this is good enough.  Tee hee hee!

Spell of the Week:

Alohomora- this is classified as a Charm.  This Charm opens locked objects, particularly doors, but really, it can open any locked item.

Zzzzz….. Zzzzz….. Zzzzz….. SORRY!!  I am really tired.  I’ll try to update more tomorrow.  Let me know how you like the new site background.  I really gotta hit the sack.  Thanks everyone!

Your favorite onion,



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