Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapte XXVII

Chapter XXVII

Christmas morning was snowy as ever.  Albus awoke to his family singing Christmas carols.  He ran into the sitting room and saw his family.

“Happy Christmas, everyone!” said Albus.

“Happy Christmas, Albus,” said Teddy, Ginny, Harry, and Lily.  Their owls hooted in response to all of the noise.

“Hey, where’s good ol’ Jamesy-boy?” asked Albus, taking a seat near Lily on the floor.

“He’s still asleep.  We’re letting him sleep in,” said Harry.  He turned around when he heard the fire cackling quite loudly.  The flames burned emerald-green and Molly and Arthur Weasley stepped out of the fire-place.  “Harry!  Ginny!” exclaimed Molly.

“Hey,” said James, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, “what about us?  We’re chopped liver, are we?”

“James!” said Ginny, while Harry stifled his laughter.  Ginny smacked his arm and Molly rushed up to the children.  “Now, now, children, we couldn’t have forgotten about you!”  Molly crushed her grandkids.

“Molly- Molly, please.  Give them some breathing room,” said Arthur, hugging his grandkids as well.

“Hello, Mum, Dad,” said Ginny walking over to give her parents a hug.  Harry shook Arthur’s hand and took a bag full of knitted jumpers from him.

“Are you quite sure the house can fit all of the Weasleys and Potters?” asked Molly.

“Oh, yes,” said Ginny, “Hermione came over and placed one of her famous Undetectable Extension Charms on the house.”

Molly looked around, finding Teddy, sitting at the kitchen table, reading the Daily Prophet.  “Teddy, dear!’

“Alright then, Molly?” asked Teddy, flashing a grin.

“Oh, yes.  Is Andromeda coming?” asked Molly, hugging Teddy.

“Yes.  She’ll be over in a while along with Bill’s family.”

“Everyone, I’ve got breakfast ready-” said Ginny.

“Oh, nonsense, dear!  I’ll cook!” exclaimed Molly, heading into the kitchen.

The Potters, Teddy, Molly, and Arthur sat down to eat breakfast when the doorbell rang.  Ginny stood from the table, hearing the commotion outside the door.

“HAPPY CHRISTMAS!” shouted everyone.  Arthur, Molly, Harry, Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily crowded around the door, peering at their family.  Everyone was there:  Bill, Fleur, Victoire, Dominique, Louis, Percy, Audrey, Molly, Lucy, Charlie, George, Angelina, Fred, Roxanne, Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, and Andromeda.  They had quite the family.

After Ginny ushered everyone inside; Iris and Seamus were at the table, eating.

“Happy Christmas, Iris and Seamus,” said Ginny, “Seamus, you already know the family, and Iris, well… this is everyone!”


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