A New Fave Artist

Hello, everyone.  So, I haven’t posted anything here for a while.

I wanted to update you on my new favorite singer.  Well, kind of favorite.  One of my favorites.

September.  She has a few albums, all of which I have previewed on iTunes.  They’re not bad.  My fave songs on those albums, you may ask?

  1. Something’s Going On
  2. Cry For You
  3. Satellites
  4. Heat Rising

Great, great songs.  I also like Dido.  Never heard of her?  She collaborated with Eminem on his song Stan.  My favorite song by her?  Don’t Think of Me.

I hope you like this update.  I apologize for not updating this category since… Well… I don’t really know.

-littleonion xD


Let me know your thoughts!

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