Charity walked into the Muggle grocery store.  She was having some company over later and wanted to make a kidney pie.  Kidney pies were made of Muggle ingredients, it was the way one mixed them together that made it different.

“Hello, Florence!” said Charity brightly.

“Why, hello, Charity.  I haven’t seen you all year,” said Florence, the cashier.  Florence was 19 years old, and studied at Oxford University.  But since it was summer, she got a part-time job at the quick mart down the street from Charity’s house.

“Oh… Well, I’m a teacher and all,” said Charity.

“Ah.  So what can I provide for you today?” asked Florence.

“Well.  I need sugar, milk, butter, and… er… you do sell pumpkins here, do you not?”

Florence regarded Charity oddly, but placed a pumpkin on the counter.

The bell on the door jingled and two solemn men strolled in.  They kept a close eye on Charity.  They wondered to the back of the store.

“Is that the one?” asked one of the men.

“Yez.  Zat eez ‘ow Draco Mal-foy described ‘er,” said the Bulgarian man.

“Are you sure?  ‘Cause we can’t grab the wrong one.  The Dark Lord-”

“Eet eez ‘er.  Vhat eez zee plan?  Surely ve cannot stroll up to ‘er and grab ‘er.  Not veez zat ozzer voman standing zere.  Ve veel ‘ave to form a deestraction.”

“And I’ve got the perfect one.”

The men stepped out from the back of the store.  The Bulgarian man approached Florence.

“‘Ello, madaam.  You do not seem to ‘ave… er…”  The Bulgarian looked at one of the aisles and read the signs,”eenstant coffee mix.  Vhere may I find eet?”

Florence gaped at the man.  “Of course we have instant coffee mix… That is what you’re asking for, right?”

“Yezz.  So charming.  I must ‘ave zat coffee mix.”

“Right this way, sir.”  Florence led him to a different section of the store.

“Charity Burbage?” asked the other man.

“Why… yes, I am.  Do I know you?”

“We are going to get acquainted very soon.”

“What does that mean?”

The man grabbed Charity’s wrists.  We are going to visit someone who has wanted to meet you for a very long time.”

“Hey!  Arghhhh!” screamed Charity.

“What was that?” asked Florence.

“Zat vas zee sound of victory!  ‘A!  I may dispose of you now,” said the Bulgarian.


Before Florence could react, he whipped out his wand.  “Avada Kedavra!”

“Oh no…” said Charity as the Bulgarian approached.

“You’ve… You’ve killed her!  She was just a CHILD!  SHE WAS BARELY-”

“SILENCIO!”  shouted the Bulgarian.  “She vaz a flaw een zee plan.”

“Someone very special wants to meet you, Burbage.”

“W- Who?”

The Bulgarian pulled up his left sleeve.  Then Charity realized who she was going to meet.

“Death Eaters..” she said faintly.  She saw the slightly raised Dark Mark on the man’s arm.

And they Disapparated, but not before one of the Death Eaters said, “And Burbage?  You’ve been captured.”



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