A Tom Riddle Story Chapter IX


“Greetings, Mrs. Cole,” said Dumbledore smiling.

Chapter IX

“Professor Dudleydore!” said a baffled Mrs. Cole.

“Dumbledore,” corrected Lily.  Dumbledore gazed at Lily and smiled.

The children were murmuring about the two oddly dressed men.

“Go to your rooms!” roared Mrs. Cole.  The children scurried to their rooms.  Everyone but Tom.

“You too, Tom!  Back upstairs!  Do not act like you own the place, get up stairs!”

“I think it would be wise if Mr. Riddle stayed.  This involves him as well as it does Lily,” said Dumbledore.  Tom glared at Dumbledore.

“Why don’t we talk in my office,” suggested Mrs. Cole.

“A splendid idea,” said Dippet, allowing Mrs. Cole to lead the way.

Once everyone was settled in a chair behind Mrs. Cole’s desk, Dippet introduced himself, “I am Armando Dippet, the headmaster of Mr. Riddle’s school.”

Mrs. Cole glanced up.  “Hello.  My name’s Mrs. Cole; call me Mrs. Cole.”

Dippet looked from Dumbledore to Mrs. Cole.  “It’s a pleasure.”

“We are here about this young girl.  She just so happens to be a student at Mr. Riddle’s school.  If it would not be a bother, Mrs. Cole, then Ms. Evans is to stay here until the morning of the 31st of August, then, I shall arrive to take both Ms. Evans and Mr. Riddle to school,” said Dumbledore.

Tom started to protest, Lily looked at him.

“Ms. Evans and Mr. Riddle,” repeated Dumbledore firmly.

“I’ll be staying here?” asked Lily tentatively.  Tom smirked at her.  Now I can find out more about Lily Evans.

Lily felt the same sensation she had felt earlier in Tom’s room.  She had a headache.  Almost like she had two brains in her head.  Legilimency, she thought before she went out like a lamp.

Tom only got a glimpse of one memory before Dippet, Dumbledore, and Mrs. Cole surrounded her…

“… Here come my problems,” muttered Severus…

“… You’ll pay for that Potter!”

“… My perfect opportunity…”


Lily’s screams echoed through Tom’s head.  He pulled out of her memories.  Lily sat up suddenly.

“Are you alright, Ms. Evans?” asked Dumbledore kneeling beside her, looking directly into her eyes.

“Yeah… I’m fine..”

Dumbledore glanced up at Tom, who stared at the window.  Lily then turned to him.  She stood, glaring at the back of Tom’s head, willing him to look at her.

“Now…” said Dumbledore, turning back to Dippet and Mrs. Cole to talk.

Tom turned to Lily.  He tilted his head, daring her to ask about the recent events.  She averted her eyes.  No, Tom.  You will never use Legilimency on me again.

Quite the contrary, Lily, said a voice in her head.

Lily gaped at Tom, widening her green eyes.

The corner of his mouth turned up just barely.

But it did.


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