Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XXVIII

As soon as everyone placed their sacks of presents under the Christmas tree, Molly and Ginny made sure everyone was comfortable around the large table.  They all ate a rather large breakfast.

Dominique had a seat near Lily.  They were whispering about something or other.  Suddenly, Dominique let out a shriek of laughter.  “I may be dead before we get to open any presents,” muttered Ginny under her breath.  Harry laughed and patted her shoulder.  Bill and Fleur gave Dominique a stern look.  “Pleez eat your breakfast, Dominique.”

“How are you, everyone?” asked Harry.  Everyone started talking at once.

“Alright, alright everyone,” said Molly serving Bill and Charlie more breakfast.

“Mum, aren’t you going to eat?” asked Ron, stuffing food into his mouth as though he were still a teenager.

Hermione swatted his shoulder.  “No, Ron, I am making myself more productive.”

Ginny snorted at Ron.  “Yeah, Ron, Mum’s making herself productive.”

“‘Ey, I amm makin’ m’self productive!” said Ron defensively.

“Ronald,” scolded Molly, “you mustn’t talk with your mouth full!  You are acting as a terrible example for your children and your nieces and nephews.”

He looked up sheepishly, “Sorry, Mum.”


An hour later, the Potters’ living room was full of people.  Harry, Ginny, and Andromeda passed around the presents.  Since they had such a large family, there were many presents to go around.  There were shouts and laughs.  There were cries of shock, mostly from the adults.


Everyone went into the backyard to try out their presents.  One of the presents Lily had received was a broom.  Harry was teaching Lily how to fly.  Iris, Seamus, Teddy, Ron, Ginny, Albus, James, Charlie, Bill, Victoire, George, Angelina, Fred II, and Roxanne played a game of Quidditch.

“I’m going to set up the field,” said Hermione.

“Right,” said James, “we have to pick the captains.”

“Alright… ” said Ginny.  “How about Teddy and Seamus?”

“Okay,” said Teddy and Seamus in unison.

“You pick first, Seamus,” said Teddy.

“Okay… James as a Chaser,” said Seamus.

“Albus as a Beater.”

“Hmm…”  Seamus considered his options.  “Mr. Ron as the Keeper.”

“Ginny as the Seeker.”

“Darn… Okay, Iris as a Chaser,” said Seamus.

“Charlie as a Beater,” said Teddy.

“Mr. Bill as a Chaser,” said Seamus.

“Ooh… Victoire as Chaser.”

“Mrs. Angelina as the Seeker,” said Seamus.

“George, you’ll be a Keeper,” said Teddy.

“Fred as a Beater, and I’ll be a Beater,” said Seamus.

“Roxanne, little lady, you are a Chaser,” said Teddy, “and so am I.”

“Albus, James, can you two get the brooms?” asked Ginny.

“Sure, Mum,” they said in unison.

“I’ll put Repelling Charms on them,” said Bill.

Ginny sauntered over to Percy, who was sitting on a lawn chair with the rest of the family.  “Percy, would you be a dear and keep the score?”

Bill, Charlie, and Ron all chortled.  Percy nodded meekly and transfigured his book into a score board.

The two Potter children returned with the brooms.  They tossed them onto the lawn while Bill placed Repelling Charms on them.  “Aw, Uncle Bill, is all this really necessary?” asked James.  “Do you want to be safe, or do you want to be sorry?” asked Bill teasingly.

James rolled his eyes and left to get his broom, Albus following him.

Teddy and Seamus shook hands.  “Okay, then.  KICK OFF!”

Everyone flew into the air.  Percy did his best to release all of the items needed to play Quidditch.  Lily stalked over to him.  “Oh, give it here, Uncle Percy, I’ll do it.”  One by one, Lily released two Bludgers, a Quaffle, and the Golden Snitch.

The Snitch flew at the speed of light.  Ginny and Angelina flew high into the air scanning the sky looking for the brisk movement of the Snitch.

Meanwhile, Victoire was going head-to-head with her father, Bill.  He stole the Quaffle from her and headed in the opposite direction to throw it into one of the goal hoops.  But George easily deflected it, sending it back to Teddy, waiting to deposit it into Seamus’ teams goal hoops.

A Bludger was sent flying to Ginny.  It wouldn’t have actually touched her, it would have just thrown her off track, but Charlie flew in front of Ginny and hit the Bludger with the Beater’s bat, sending it to Angelina, but Seamus was faster, and hit it, sending it around the yard.

James had the Quaffle, flying as fast as he could to Teddy’s teams goal hoops. He, Bill, and Iris all flew at George together, using the Hawkshead Attacking Formation move, confusing George, allowing James to throw the Quaffle in.

“And that’s 10 points for Seamus’ team!” shouted Percy.

Ginny and Angelina were still scanning the vicinity when Ginny pretended to spot the Snitch.  She wanted to use the Wronski Feint move on Angelina.  She hurtled to the ground to see if Angelina would follow suit, but she did not.  Angelina spotted the Snitch and zoomed toward it.  Albus noticed this and, conveniently, the Bludger was flying to his mum.  He sped to Ginny and swung his Beater’s bat as hard as he could, trying to hit Angelina.  Fred was not fast enough to reach Angelina in time, and the Bludger shoved Angelina 20 feet away from the Snitch, just as Victoire managed to get the Quaffle through the goal hoop.  “That’s 10 points for Teddy’s team!”

Albus’ diversion allowed Ginny to catch sight of the Snitch, but Angelina was back on track.  The two women reached out for the Snitch.  Angelina caught it.

“And Angelina caught the Snitch!” said Percy.

Everyone returned to the ground.  Teddy and Seamus shook hands once again.

“Good game,” said Seamus.

“The best.”


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