A Tom Riddle Story: Chapter XI


The corner of his mouth turned up just barely.

But it did.

Chapter XI

Mrs. Cole left her office to see Dumbledore and Dippet off.

Lily and Tom stayed behind.  When Mrs. Cole left the room, Lily shut the door.

What was that?” hissed Lily angrily.

“I do not know what you are talking about.”

“You used Legilimency on me, twice!  That is what I am talking about, Riddle!” shouted Lily.

“How could I have done that?  I am underaged,” said Tom flatly.

“I haven’t a clue how you did it, but you did,” said Lily furiously.

Tom crossed his arms over his chest.  He looked amused.  “I couldn’t have used any type of magic on you.”

“You did,” said Lily.

“I didn’t.”

“You did!”

“I couldn’t have.”

Lily sighed, exasperated.  “You used underaged magic!”

The door burst open.

What is the meaning of this?” asked Mrs. Cole.

“Nothing, Mrs. Cole.  Just… getting to know Tom,” said Lily, glaring at him.

“Really, Lily.  I couldn’t have.”

And that haunted her.


Lily stormed into the living room and saw a boy sitting on the couch reading the afternoon newspaper.  Lily took a seat beside him, but he did not flinch.


The boy looked up.  “Hello, there.”

“Hi,” said Lily.

“You’re the girl the lady picked off the street, am I correct?”

“Well, I don’t like to be referred to as that, but I suppose I am.  Is there a problem?” asked Lily.

“No.  I’m Eric.”


“Pleasure,” said Eric.

“May I?” asked Lily, gesturing to the newspaper.

“Of course.  It’s two days old though,” said Eric.

Lily gingerly picked up the newspaper and opened it.

27 August 1942


Prince George, Duke of Kent, died with many others

in an air raid crash in Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland.  (See page 8 for more details.)

Lily lowered the newspaper.

“I know,” said Eric.

Lily dreaded asking, “Who was the Duke of Kent?”

Eric looked at her and chortled.  Lily stormed out of the room, ignoring Eric’s pleads for her to come back.  The damage was done.  She returned to her room.  She decided to seek out Riddle.  He had spoken to her in her mind.

She left her room and knocked on the door two doors away from hers.


Lily burst through the door.

“You read my mind.”


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