Hiya there!

Hey dudes and dudettes!

So, I discovered this AMAZING music on Pandora.  Here is the list.  It is in the Smooth Jazz category, I think.  Here is that list:

  1. Enganaita- Ritmo & Compas
  2. Alba- Merche Valer
  3. Siesta Del Sol- In Credo
  4. Del Plata- Tripssono
  5. The Temple at Delphi- Johannes Linstead
  6. Unity- Marc Antione
  7. Rosas Del Amor- Armik (I am listening to this one right now!)
  8. Bario Alto- Thievery Corporation
  9. Save the Music- Angelo
  10. Brazilian Adventure- Black Orchestra
  11. Reflections On the Highway- Briza
  12. After the Rain- Ottmar Liebert
  13. Face La Mer- Blank & Jones
  14. Lagrimas De Guitarra- Armik
  15. Tango, Que Misterio- Tango Jointz
  16. Valetine to Tagore- Deepak Chopra & Adam Plack
  17. Last Tango In Paris- L. E. D.
  18. Flutter- Bonobo
  19. Caribbean Rain- Armik
  20. Libertango- Tango Jointz
  21. Yarrow: Sneaky Desert Guitar- Ottmar Liebert

This music is great for relaxing, doing homework.  Did I mention it is really good for relaxing?


Let me know your thoughts!

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