Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

percy jackson and the lt  Book Review

Title:  Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1 :  The Lightning Thief
Author:  Rick Riordan
Number of Pages:  375
Genres:  Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure


Summary:  Percy Jackson thought he was a normal 12-year-old boy, although he struggled with dyslexia and ADHD.  His mother, Sally, married a man named Gabe Ugliano shortly after Percy’s father was lost at sea.

Gabe did not like Percy; the feeling was mutual.  Percy attended many schools, finally attending a boarding school in New York.  He had done a considerable amount of damage to every school he had attended.

During a school field trip, a substitute teacher pulled Percy aside and revealed herself to him as a Fury, an Underworld monster, and demanded the return of the Greek god Zeus’ lightning bolt.  Percy had no idea what the Fury was talking about.

Percy’s best friend, Grover and another chaperone on the field trip, Mr. Brunner, rushed to Percy’s aid.  The Fury was scared away.

After the incident, Percy overheard Grover talking to Mr. Brunner, admitting he was worried about Percy’s well-being.

Percy returned home to his mother and smelly stepfather.  Soon, Grover visited and warned Sally to take Percy away.  Percy was very confused as he, his mother and Grover hurriedly left his home to take Percy to camp.

During the drive, Grover revealed himself as a satyr, a mythological creature.  The car spun off the road.  A Minotaur appeared and Percy battled it near the camp’s entrance.  He defeated the Minotaur, but not before the Minotaur grabbed Sally and engulfed her in flames.

Percy woke up to find himself in an infirmary.  A girl with blonde curly hair was feeding him.  She introduced herself as Annabeth and told him that he, like every other camper, was a demigod, or the child of a Greek god and a mortal.  Annabeth gave Percy a tour around the camp.  She told him that he, like other campers, was dyslexic because their minds were wired to read Greek.  ADHD protected him.  He also learned that Mr. Brunner was a centaur named Chiron.

Nobody knew who Percy’s immortal parent was, he was unclaimed.  Percy moved into the Hermes cabin and met Luke, a fellow camper.

The campers played capture the flag.  After the game ended, large creature called a hellhound attacked Percy.  When Percy slowly approached the river to heal himself, he was fully healed.  Suddenly, a  blue holograph in the shape of a trident appeared over Percy’s head.  He was claimed as Poseidon’s son.

Chiron was worried.  Nothing could penetrate Camp Half Blood’s magical boundaries.  Whoever summoned the hellhound had to be inside the camp.

Soon, Percy was granted a quest and brought Grover and Annabeth with him to find Zeus’ master bolt.  Before they left, Luke gave Percy flying shoes he had stolen from his father Hermes’ home.

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth battled several monsters, including Medusa. They reached the Underworld and met Hades, Percy’s uncle, the Lord of the Dead.  Hades accused Percy of possessing his Helm of Darkness, and his Uncle Zeus’ master bolt.  Hades made Percy choose between his mother and the quest.  Percy chose the quest, promising his mother he would free her from the Underworld.

Percy met Ares, the War God, the possessor of both the Helm of Darkness and the master bolt.  Percy battled Ares for the Helm and the bolt, defeating him.  Percy gave the Helm to the Furies to return to Hades.  He then traveled to Olympus to return the master bolt to Zeus, finally meeting his father, Poseidon.

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth returned to camp and were congratulated.  Percy and Luke went into the forest and Luke revealed to Percy that the shoes he gifted to him were supposed to kill him.  He also told Percy that he was behind the theft.  Luke disappeared, but not before summoning a scorpion.  Percy managed to defeat the scorpion, but was stung during the attack.

Percy was healed and decided to enroll in seventh grade.

When he returned home, Percy gave his mom Medusa’s head.  She used it to petrify Gabe Ugliano.

Reviewer’s Notes:  I’d like to give this book a million stars.  These books are absolutely amazing.  Rick Riordan has combined friendship, betrayal, comedy, triumph, loss, a hint of romance in the later books, death, but most of all, the concept of good vs. evil, light vs. dark.  The chapter names… are hilarious.  They made me crack up.  This book is based on Greek mythology, but in a very modern way.  There are many mythical creatures, such as satyrs, and Furies, and the frequent use of Greek gods and goddesses, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Athena (Annabeth’s mother), Hermes (Luke’s father), and many more.

I would definitely recommend this series and more of Rick Riordan’s works to people who enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series.  If any of you are Harry Potter readers, do you remember how you felt finishing the series?  You will feel the same after you read this series.


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