A Tom Riddle Story Chapter XIII


Lily burst through the door.  “You read my mind.”


Chapter XIII

“You read my mind,” repeated Lily.

Tom looked up at her.  “How many times must I repeat the same answer?  I.  Couldn’t.  Have.”

“But you did,” said Lily, trying for calm.

Tom raised a single brow.  This annoyed Lily.

“You did!  I heard your voice in my mind!” said Lily.

“What did I say?” asked Tom furrowing his brow at the book he was reading.

“‘Quite the contrary’.”

Tom sighed.  “I did not read your mind.  Would you kindly vacate my room?”


The last few days were grueling for Lily.

Finally, it was the last day of staying at the awful orphanage.

“Would you hurry up?” shouted Lily.  “We’ll be late!”

“Be quiet,” said Tom, wishing he could use magic on her.

Mrs. Cole walked out of her office.

“Happy schooling,” she said, ushering them outside.  She wanted to rid herself of the Riddle boy as soon as possible every summer.

“Where is Dumbledore?” asked Lily.  And why are we leaving in the dead of the night? she thought.

“Does it always take a while for you to put two and two together?” asked Tom.

“Does it always take a while for you to kindly shut up?” asked Lily, mimicking Tom’s tone.

“What did you say?” he asked, strolling over to her slowly.  Lily didn’t back down, though she was slightly scared.  “I said, what did you say?”  Tom pulled his wand out.  “Accio Lily’s wand!

Her wand zoomed into Tom’s hand.

“T- Tom, what’re you doing?” Lily stammered.  Tom raised his wand and Lily threw her arms over her head to shield herself- when nothing came.  Lily dared to look up and saw Dumbledore removing her wand from Tom’s hand.  She sighed in relief and pulled herself together.

“Good evening, Professor,” said Lily, accepting her wand.

“Hello, children.”

They stood in silence for several seconds.  “Shall we go then?” asked Tom.

“Not quite.  I have some unfinished business to take care of.  I thought I might bring the pair of you along.”

“Oh,” said Lily.  “How are we traveling?”

“Apparation, of course!” said Dumbledore.

“There,” said Tom, “are too many Muggles.”

“No worries,” said Professor Dumbledore, pulling out some sort of lighter contraption.  He clicked it, and all of the lights left the street.

“Professor?” whispered Lily.  “Tom?”  She felt her surroundings and pinched something.  Someone’s hand flew up to hers to remove it.  “You pinched my cheek, Lily,” said Tom.

Lily scowled in the dark.  “You, I wouldn’t mind disappearing.”

“Take either of my arms, children,” said Dumbledore.

The two did what they were told.


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