A Tom Riddle Story Chapter XVI


“I think we shall use a Tempus Mutante,” said Dumbledore, pulling out a piece of parchment.

“Thank you, professor.”


Chapter XVI

Severus decided to take a walk on the Quidditch pitch to clear his mind as much as possible.  He noticed James and Sirius in the air, tossing the Snitch back and forth.

Severus took a seat in the bleachers and pulled out his wand.  He focused on a leaf in the grass.

Avis,” said Severus.  The leaf transformed into three small birds.

He was so focused on the birds, he did not notice another presence.  He turned to his left and saw Lystra Greengrass beside him.

“Hello, Severus,” said Lystra so softly that Severus just barely heard her.

“Hello, Lystra,” he said tensely.

They sat in silence.  Lily did not like Lystra, but Severus felt the need to impress her.

“Do- D’you want to see something?” asked Severus.

“I suppose.”

Severus focused on James’ head.  “Oppugno.”

The birds sped toward James’ head.

“Oi!” shouted James.  Lystra laughed.  “You’re quite good with spells.”

“I think any decent wizard or witch is required to be.”

Severus figured this would be the perfect time to take out some of his frustration on James.  “Flipendo Duo.”

James was too fast.  The jinx came hurtling back.  Severus thought quickly.  “Protego!

Lystra smiled at Severus.  “Thank you.”

“It… wasn’t a problem,” choked Severus.  “We should probably go inside… y’know… it’s getting a bit cold.”

Severus felt relaxed.  He and Lystra walked back to the castle.



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