Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXXV

Chapter XXXV

“Lily?  Lily, come on, answer me!” said James.  He saw Albus.  “Al, it’s Lily, and I don’t even know how she got here!”

“Mr. Potter, your sister is unconscious,” said McGonagall dryly, “and she will be fine.”

“First Teddy, now Lily…” muttered Albus.

“What eez wrong with Teddy?” asked Victoire sharply.

“Er- well, I found a note-”

Victoire held out her hand expectantly.  Albus drew the note from his pocket and handed it to her.  “We’ve got to find him!”

Victoire paled when she read the note.  “Professor McGonagall!”  McGonagall did not seem to hear her, as she was speaking to Madam Pomfrey.

Albus ran out of the Great Hall, but Victoire caught up to him.  She threw her arm out in front of him.  “What, Vict-”

“Shh!  There eez someone over zere, I ‘eard them!”

“Shh… yes.  That’s right, just stay there, Al,” said Teddy in a low voice.  He emerged from the shadows.  He was bleeding- everywhere.  His clothes were torn, and his hair was ruffled.

“Oh, Teddy!  Oh, mon amour!  But you need zee ‘ospital wing!”

“No, just let me…”  Teddy fell to the floor, and Victoire screamed.  Albus almost followed her suit.

Then, McGonagall, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry, Ron, Neville, and a few other teachers jumped out of nowhere.  Harry and Ron took Teddy.  Harry looked distressed; Teddy was like a son to Harry.  He was his godfather.  Neville managed to get Albus and Victoire to move, and McGonagall, Kingsley, and the remaining staff searched the vicinity.  Rose and Iris were nowhere to be seen.  Albus ran out of the corridor and right into Iris with Rose behind her.

“Ow,” said Albus and Iris in unison, rubbing their foreheads.

“Oh, Al,” said Rose, giggling.

“Shut up,” said Iris.

“Right.  We’ve got to get to the Hospital Wing.  I bet my parents, James, and Lily are there,” said Albus.

“Well, we know Lily’s there,” said Iris.

“What happened to Teddy?” asked Rose.

“He… he was attacked by a werewolf,” said Albus.

The two girls gasped.

“Let’s go to the Hospital Wing.”


“Dad!” shouted Albus as he ran to Harry.

“Albus,” said Harry, hugging him.

“Is Lily alright?” asked Rose.

“Yes, Lily’s fine.  Who isn’t fine is Teddy…” said Harry.  Rose walked to Ron and hugged him.  “Will Teddy be okay?”

“I hope so, Rose,” said Ron.

“It isn’t a full case of lycanthropy,” said Madam Pomfrey.  “Now, shoo!  My patients need rest, and Teddy will be sent to St. Mungo’s in half an hour.  Off you be!”

“Go on, Albus, Iris, Rose,” said Harry.  He turned to Ron.  “Let’s walk around the school, to be sure, and then we should be off.”


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