Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXXVI

Chapter XXXVI

Dear Mum,

How are you?  I’m fine.  Have you been to visit Teddy yet?  How’s Lily?
Just a short note to say hello. 

Love, Albus


Albus was being shaken.  His eyes flew open.  He James nearly nose to nose with him.  He pushed James away by the chest and checked the clock on the wall.  Only 8:30 in the morning?

“What’s the big idea, James?” asked Albus sleepily.

“Wh- What d’you mean?  QUIDDITCH MATCH TODAY, YOU IDIOT!” bawled James like a maniac.  Everyone in the boys’ dormitory woke up.

“Come on!  We’ve got a Quidditch match to win!” shouted James.


“Good morning, Hogwarts!  Welcome to the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Quidditch match!” said Fred Weasley II.  “On our Gryffindor team, we have Wood, Longbottom, and Weasley as our Chasers, Finnigan and Potter as our Beaters, Weasley as our Keeper, and last but not least, Longbottom as our Seeker!”

“And, for the Slytherin team, we have Nott, Malfoy, and Zabini as our Chasers, Bulstrode and Goyle as our Beaters, Flint as our Keeper, and last but not least, Davis as our Seeker!”

“Captains, shake hands!” barked Madam Hooch.  “I want a nice, clean game.”

Densay grimly walked to the center of the pitch and shook hands with Nott, Iris’ older brother, a Fifth Year.

“Good luck, Wood.  You’ll need it,” said Nott.

“Good thing I’m able to say the same to you,” said Densay, knocking Nott off track.  He was taken aback at the comeback.


“And, they’re off!” said Fred.  “Gryffindor’s Finnigan’s got a Bludger.  He’s hit it towards Zabini.”

“OH!  Wood scored 10 points for Gryffindor!” said Fred excitedly.


“Davis is on Longbottom’s tail!”

“COME ON, CARRIANE!” shouted the Gryffindor audience.

“Zabini scored 10 points for Slytherin!” said Fred.  “Potter’s hit a Bludger to Flint!”

The bleachers were roaring with cheers.

“LONGBOTTOM’S CAUGHT THE SNITCH!  And I think Davis’ll need the Hospital Wing.”

The Gryffindor reached the ground and people poured out of the stands.

And Gryffindor won the match.


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