A Tom Riddle Story Chapter XVIII


“No problem,” said Severus.  “We should probably go back to the castle.  It’s getting cold.”

“Oh… yeah, it is,” said Lystra.

And the two of them walked off the pitch.



Chapter XVIII

Severus decided to skip dinner.  Instead, he went to the library.  He did not want to go to the common room, in fear of what his House mates would say about Lily.

Just then, he heard someone approach him.  Severus turned around in his seat and saw Peter Pettigrew behind him.  He was quite large and beefy.  He had a strange look about him.  What Severus hated most about Pettigrew was how he worshipped the ground Potter and Black walked on.

“Where is your entourage?” asked Severus.

“I don’t know.  They’ve been spending all of their free time with you,” spat Pettigrew.

Severus clutched his wand but left the library.  Peter followed him.

Flipendo!” shouted Peter.

Finite Incantatem!” said Severus.

“Been practicing, have you, Snivellus?”

“No.  You’re just a lousy dueler.”

Peter narrowed his eyes, making him look like a rat.

“Is there a problem?” asked Severus.

Peter relaxed and cackled maliciously.  “You may be able to stand up to me, but you can’t stand up to James and Sirius.”

“Are you encouraging me to fight you?  Because, I didn’t think you could fight without Potter, Black, and Lupin behind you,” said Severus.

“What’s going on between you and them?” asked Peter angrily.  “What could be so important that they would be nice to you, huh?”

Severus poked Peter in the chest with his wand.  “Do-not-speak-to-me-in-that-manner!”  He had burned a hole in Pettigrew’s robes.

“Argh!” shouted Peter, clutching his chest.  “Look what you’ve done!”

“You’re a wizard.  Mend it,” hissed Severus.  He spun on his heel and walked to his common room at last.


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