Harry Potter Series II: Albus Severus Potter Chapter XXXVII

Chapter XXXVII

The months passed on quietly after the drama with Teddy.  It was now the end of April.  Albus received a letter from his mum.  Everything had been going smoothly at home.  The summer holidays were around the corner, as were his final exams.  He and Rose had been studying for them for hours each day.  Albus needed a break.

“Rose, don’t you think we could use a break?” asked Albus, sitting at the desk in the common room.

“Albus, these are the most important tests of the year!  We need more knowledge!” said Rose irritably.

Albus slammed his book shut and walked out of the common room.  Usually Rose would notice behavior like this, but she was too interested in her studies to notice her cousin’s antsy behavior.

Albus walked into an empty corridor and sat down.  James was not studying, as he was far too busy fooling around.  Rose begged and begged James to sit down for half an hour to study, but to no avail.  And Iris… well, he did not know what was happening between them.  He had not interacted with her much since he invited her to take a walk with him, which I might add, was a horrible invitation.  Albus knew he was being cocky.   Albus was not cocky.  Now James… well, he was a different story.

Albus heard footsteps approaching but did not look up until he felt someone trip over his feet.  Iris.

“Iris!  Uh, sorry,” he said.

She did not pay Albus much attention, as she was reading a letter.  It seemed important.


“Stuff it, Potter,” she said angrily.  Albus was taken aback.  What was the matter.

“What’s the problem, Iris?”

“Just… leave me alone.”  She walked away.  Albus felt horrible.  What had he done to upset her?

“Albus?” called someone.  He glanced up.  It was Rose.

“What?” he grumbled.

“I noticed you were gone.  I’m sorry I’ve been making you study.  It wasn’t my place,” said Rose.

“No… it’s not your fault.”  Albus wondered if he should burden Rose with his thoughts.  “Rose,” he said, turning to his cousin.  “Hypothetically, what would you do if you were a boy and had upset a female friend?”

Rose stared blankly at Albus.  “Oh, I don’t know, Albus.  If you haven’t noticed in the last eleven years, I’m not a boy.”

“Never mind,” said Albus.

“Is this about Iris?” asked Rose kindly.  Albus stayed silent.  He nodded.  “Am I that obvious?”

“Well, I figured it could only be one person.  Albus,” said Rose tentatively.  “Maybe it would be good if you… took a break from Iris.  She seems to always put you in a bad mood.”

“I don’t know, Rose,” said Albus.  “D’you think she’s mad at me?”

Rose looked sadly at Albus.  She knew something and it would have been cruel to keep it from him.  “No, Al.  She’s not mad at you.”

Albus took a breath of relief.  He looked at Rose.  “Thanks, Rose.”

She smiled at him wryly.  “No problem, Al.  Are… are we okay?  We’re not fighting?”

Albus grinned at Rose.  “We’re fine, Rose.  I miss hanging out with you.”

“Me to, Al.”


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