And Then She Was Gone

Luna woke up from a horrible dream about her mother.  When she looked out the window, sun poured in through the drapes.  Luna shuddered at the dream and stood on her bed to perform the ritual that kept the Nargles away.  She batted her hands above her head and turned five times to the right, and five times to the left.  When she finished, she was very dizzy.

Her father, Xenophilius, knocked three times on Luna’s bedroom door, paused, then, with the palm of his hand, he banged on the door once.  Luna knew this was to ward off the Umgubular Slashkilters from her home.  “Luna?”

“Yes, Father?” called Luna, leaping from her bed.  Xenophilius opened the door.  “I must be leaving now.  I am going to my interview with Shazzlebury Marvinstein.  He might purchase my Quibbler article, Gulping Plimpies- What We Do Not Know About Them!  Your mum is downstairs.  Have a good day, and be sure not to go near the Bicorn horns.  They do get wild when they see people collecting their horns, those Bicorns.”

“Alright.  You have a good day too, Father.”  Luna walked down the spiral staircase to meet her mother waving her wand.

“Ah!  Good morning, Luna, my dear.  Breakfast is on the stove,” said Spaira Lovegood.

“Good morning, Mother.  Practicing your spells again, are you?” asked Luna, walking into the kitchen.  Her mother smiled wryly.  “Yes.  I tend to do that most often, don’t I?”

“Yes, but I don’t mind.  I like watching you do spells.  Some day, I’ll do the same thing.”  Luna sat at the sitting room table to watch her mother perform spells.

Aperire,” said Mrs. Lovegood, pointing her wand to a chest.  The lid swung open.

Creare Porta,” she said.  A portal appeared in the chest.  The air was wavering above the chest.

“That’s wicked,” said Luna, standing to get a closer look.

“Do not go any further, Luna.  We’ve no idea where that goes.”  Luna returned to her breakfast.

Perdere Porta,” said Mrs. Lovegood, closing the portal.  Luna was becoming rather thirsty.  Her sausage was too salty.  “I’m going to get some water,” she said, but Mrs. Lovegood did not seem to hear her.  Luna strolled into the kitchen and filled her glass with water.  She poured a purple powder in it.  Her father concocted it.  It was to keep her somewhat safe from the dangerous animals.  When she looked into the living room, she saw black and gold sparks.  She rushed into the abyss and was blinded.  It took a few moments for the black and gold sparks to wear off.  But when they did, she saw something unappealing: her mother was on the floor, her wand inches away from her fingers.

“M- Mum?” Luna ran to her mum and checked for a pulse like she had taught her.  There was none.

And Mrs. Lovegood was gone.


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