So, I was looking at HP blogs and I found a really awesome one: http://hpandmore.wordpress.com/. I definitely recommend this blog to all you HP fans out there.
Anyway, I know a lot of people posted this on their blogs/websites/etc, but did you see Daniel Radcliffe on the Oscars? I did not know that he was performing but I did see him present an award with Kristen Stewart. Yay!
That’s all for today.


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Awwww honey! You didn’t have why to refer my blog! Anywhay thank you!<3 Youw blog is awesome too belive me:) I did see the Oscars but I didn't saw Daniel! o.o I think I fel asleep :/ I would look on youtube for that! Daniel & Kristen-……. humm nice! haha 🙂 ❤


    1. Ahh! I was just going through some old posts updating things and I realized I never replied to your comment! Well here’s my reply: I DID have to refer your blog! It’s absolute amazing-ness : )


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