Ten Or Less…!!!

AHHHH!!!  There are only ten or less hours left until I post the last chapter of Albus Severus Potter.  I’m so excited!  And sad.  This day marks a very special occurrence.

This also means that you have ten or less hours to reread every chapter I’ve posted to get ready for the final chapter (which is not to exciting, sorry to disappoint).  But it is a nice chapter.

I think I will definitely be posting more short stories for a while because I am currently working on a new fanfic.  I really like this one.  My lips are sealed though, S-E-A-L-E-D, sealed, I tell you!

So I thought it was necessary to post a pre-pre post of the last Albus Severus Potter chapter.  Pre-pre post because I am ALSO going to post a pre-post, then the chapter, then a post-post.  Hehe, a post-post.  There will be tears.  Just kidding.

But I will miss Albus.  And Iris.  And James, and Rose, and Harry and the gang.

Oh, well.



Let me know your thoughts!

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