Vampires on General Hospital! What’s Up With That?

A friend of mine watches this soap called ‘General Hospital.’  There is a character in the show named John.  The actor who plays John played a vampire named Caleb from a show called ‘Port Charles.’  This show ended ten years ago.

The script writers decided to put Caleb the Vampire in GH.  I am so hooked to the show now!!!  This show is just going CRAZY.  It was very confusing to understand the characters because some actors from PC moved to GH.

There was another show called ‘One Life To Live,’ and there was a character named John in that show (same actor who plays John in GH), so other characters from ‘One Life To Live’ also switched to GH.

Now, John killed Caleb the Vampire in GH, but Caleb’s soul lives on!  He’s inhabited a new body who coincidentally has long hair–just like John/Caleb.  Hahaha…

I am sooo desperate to see the next vampire episode!!!  It’s been DAYS.  Is anyone as obsessed with this show as much as I am?



Let me know your thoughts!

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