The Hunt

Hello, peeps.

I am currently on the hunt for books. Yes. Really. “What is a hunt for books?” you may ask. Well, my hunt for books is when I finish reading a book that I love and start searching for books that are similar. Or books that aren’t similar.

I just finished reading ’13 Gifts’ by Wendy Mass. I didn’t realize this was part of a series until a little while ago. The other two books in this series are ‘Finally’ and ’11 Birthdays.’ I really enjoyed these. I first read ‘Finally’ which is about a girl named Rory who lives in a small town called Willow Falls and makes a list consisting of everything her parents said she could do when she turns twelve, like wear makeup, go to the mall with her BFF with NO parents, get a cell phone, etc. Well, everything goes wrong for her and blah, blah, blah. She also meets an old lady who helps her out of a drain pipe…

’11 Birthdays’ is focused on two other characters mentioned in ‘Finally,’ Amanda and Leo who are best friends and who also live in Willow Falls and get into a fight and meet the SAME old lady and learn more about their ancestors… I haven’t read this book in a while, so I’m really not the person to give you all of the details.

’13 Gifts’ is about a girl named Tara who tries to steal her school’s mascot and is sent to her cousin Emily’s house in Willow Falls. Rory (Finally) babysits Emily. Anyway, Tara meets the same old lady (whose name is Angelina and she has a wobbly duck-shaped birthmark on her cheek) because she is trying to sell one of her uncle’s comic books (a collector’s item), but Angelina is the person who sold it to Tara’s uncle so in order to keep Angelina from spilling her secret, Tara has to find thirteen random items that are around the town by her birthday, July 13, which just so happens to be a Friday. Ooooh!

So yeah, I enjoyed the series immensely.

Anyway, the next series I am reading is called ‘Cinderella Cleaners.’ I’m not too clear on what it’s about, so I’ll get back to you on that.

Leave your comments below if you have any book recommendations for me,


A/N: Okay, I know these are sorry excuses for book reviews, but I’m putting this post under ‘Book Reviews’ anyway. Oh hush.


4 thoughts on “The Hunt

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