Change of Plan

 Greetings people of the planet we call Earth,

 In my last post, I said I would be reading The Declaration (by Gemma Malley)  next.  Well, I started reading Matched by Ally Condie and now I must finish it.  I am currently on Chapter 18 (page 197).  I’m still trying to decide whether I’m in love with it or if it’s a good book.  I’m definitely getting the sequel though.  I really love the cover of the book–that’s for sure.  It’s so beautiful and yet so simple.  WOW!!!  Who knew uploading a photo would be so easy?  Now, I hope it actually shows up on the site.  Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen the book prior to this post, here is the cover:matchedI think this is what draws a lot of people to the book.  I’ve just realized something: I’m really into dystopian stories now.

I’ll probably read The Declaration (which is set in the year 2140) after Matched.  I actually already started it (did I say that already?) but something stopped me from going any further.



Let me know your thoughts!

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