How I feel About Matched

‘Matched’ by Ally Condie… I really don’t know how to describe this book.  How to describe the way I feel when I read the book.  I suppose the best word to use would be… peaceful.  I feel peaceful when I read this book.  I usually read books FILLED with action.  I don’t usually read realistic fiction, even though realistic fiction is in my next library batch.

ANYWAY, what I have to say next is kind of funny.  I read Hamlet–The Graphic Novel a few days ago.  You know, Shakespeare’s Hamlet?  I thought it was funny that I was reading the graphic novel.  On that website, CliffsNotes, they have videos of some of Shakespeare’s work and they are HILARIOUS!  They’re animated.



 emmafv17 at recommended Matched to me : )


2 thoughts on “How I feel About Matched

  1. Haha I see you started reading that book! haha it’s amazing isn’t it? I just try to find good books because I feel kind of sad now that I can’t read Harry Potter anywhay this book really fits in my:”Oh I love this book” category! haha


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