Goodbye For Now…

Hello, fellow readers,

I have some… horrid news, I’m afraid.  I am going to start updating my posts to a new blog address.  Yes.  I am leaving WordPress.

My new address is  I don’t know if I am going to stay there permanently.  I, however, am not going to remove  This will stay here.  I will just be somewhere else.

Please come see me on blogspot, I’d really love the visitors.  Leave your comments.  I will still check my WordPress blog on a regular basis.

Thank you everyone who’s read my blog,



14 thoughts on “Goodbye For Now…

    1. Hi! WordPress does put ads on blogs which are NOT visible to logged-in users, which is one reason why so many people haven’t seen them. You also don’t see them if you use an ad blocking extension in your browser.

      If they are very inappropriate ads, it may be that the friends’ browser(s) is affected by a virus or trojan that is putting in little link ads. WordPress says that their ads are family-friendly, or some such thing, so it may not be WP’s doing.

      You can also report inappropriate advertising just in case they ARE WP’s ads & WP might want to look at them & pull them.

      The ads keep free — I can’t imagine that Google doesn’t put ads in Blogspot, but I’m really not sure — I’ve never used Blogspot, and when I visit Blogspot blogs, I have ad-blocking enabled.

      Anyway, just thought I’d let a fellow HP fanfic writer here on WP have a little more info to mull over — wherever you are blogging, have fun! You can always try out Blogspot & see whether it’s an overall improvement or not. I’m glad you’re keeping this blog here even if you go elsewhere!



      1. Thanks for the advice! I think my problem is solved. I’m glad it’s solved because I really do enjoy blogging on WordPress–I feel more at home here!
        You have a great blog! I’ll definitely read your FanFictions.



      2. Thanks! I was so excited to find your blog (there aren’t many of us HP fanfic writers here on WP)! I’m glad that you will — at least for now — be stickin’ around!

        I am looking forward to checking out your fics. 🙂 Your tag cloud was enticing!


  1. Thank you! I get so excited when I find a HP fanfic blog on WordPress : )
    I’ve just finished a fanfiction and I’ve done a few short stories–I’m working on my next HP fanfic. I hope it’ll be finished soon!


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