The Princess Plot

I’m taking a break from Prep Cool, because as I read it, the story line is slowly coming back to me.  Diana sneaks into an elite prep school to retrieve her best friend’s stolen phone.

Now I am reading The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie.  I am on page 24 and am not getting into it.  Well, I’m half into it and half… out of it?  I’ll explain.

There are two points of view.  I’m really liking the one where it’s all normal–overprotective mom, two best friends, etc.  But then there’s another point of view–a princess who’s just lost her father and who’s legal guardian is her uncle.  This is the plot I’m not so sure about.

Here’s a quick update on my newest HP fanfiction:

I’m writing Chapter 31.  It is a Dramansy fic.  Ever heard of that?  I think I may have made it up.  Or not.  Probably not.  Leave a comment if YOU think you know what Dramansy stands for–and tell me if you read and liked The Princess Plot.



4 thoughts on “The Princess Plot

  1. The title sounds interesting because I like anything princess. I haven’t read it though. Dramansy like drama and fantasy? Like Cinderella?


    1. I’m slowly starting to like the book more and more : ) I think it’s just starting out slow.
      Do you read Harry Potter fanfiction? The fans have created unoffical names for the pairings. If they wrote a Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger fic, they would call it Dramione. Dramansy is (I think) my own made up name for a trio in my story. It’s Draco Malfoy/Hermione Weasley/? The last character remains a secret, muahahaha. Good guess, though!


      1. Aha! Is that so? Oops. I don’t read fan fictions. Your explanation seems possible though. So that’s what dramansy means!


      2. Yep. Ooh, I LOVE fanfiction. They can sometimes be addicting. I don’t read them too much anymore because I’ve got a lot of books to read from the library, haha. Did you read Harry Potter?


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