I’m Finished!

Hello, hello, hello, hello,

I’ve finished The Princess Plot.  Yay!  I’ve got to get The Princess Trap now!  But first, a quick summary:

Jenna is chosen to play a princess in a movie.  The people who arranged the auditions take her away to a country called Scandia where she is to impersonate the princess of Scandia.  Jenna stands in as the princess for her public birthday celebration because the princess has gone missing.  Jenna and the princess, whose name is Malena, happen to look almost exactly the same.

Jenna realizes that something is not right when she overhears a conversation.  One day she goes to the pool and is kidnapped.  She sees her kidnappers are an angry boy–a boy (Jonas) she had seen when she stood in for Malena at her birthday celebration and his father, Liron.  Jenna meets Malena.  Malena and Jonas are suspicious of Jenna at first, but after Jenna tells them what happened, they work together. 

Scandia is divided into two islands–North Scandia and South Scandia, where the princess lived.  South Scandia controls North Scandia because of the oil there.  The rebels from North Scandia are fighting for their rights because Malena’s father (the king) passed away.  Malena’s uncle, Norlin, is trying to pass unfair laws, taking away rights from North Scandia’s people.  The rebels’ leader is Nahira, who had been engaged to Norlin once upon a time, but Norlin married someone else (that’s where the twist was from my previous post).

Will the rebels win?  Or will Norlin successfully pass his laws?

I’m just going to leave it at that because there is a lot of stuff I don’t want to reveal.  You’ll have to read it to find out!

So now, I’m going to finish off Prep Cool (I hope).



Let me know your thoughts!

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