I finished reading Savvy by Ingrid Law.

Savvy is about a girl named Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont.  When Mibs turns thirteen, she gets her savvy, which is a unique power that the Beaumont family received when they turn thirteen. 

Two days before Mibs’ thirteenth birthday, her poppa was in a serious car accident, putting him in a hospital in Salina, Kansas.  Mibs’ mamma and her seventeen-year-old brother Rocket drove to Kansas to be with her poppa. 

During an arranged birthday party that Miss Rosemary, the pasture’s wife, scheduled at their church, Mibs, Miss Rosemary’s children, Will Junior and Roberta “Bobbi,” Fish, Mibs’ fourteen-year-old brother, and Samson, Mibs’ seven-year-old brother, sneaked into a Bible delivery bus that was headed to Salina, Kansas. 

During the trip, they are discovered by the driver, Lester, who reluctantly welcomes them onto his bus. 

They meet a woman named Lill, who Lester forms romantic feelings for, and they continue their trip.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m terrible at giving away spoilers, so I’m leaving this synopsis at that.

Savvy is a magical book, but not too magical, which is nice for a change.  It’s not exactly realistic fiction, but not thoroughly fantasy fiction.  It is a sweet book.  AND there’s a sequel.  D’you think I’m going to read it?  Most definitely!



Let me know your thoughts!

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