YOUR Book Recommendations

Hi readers–

Starting today, I’m taking book recommendations, YA (young adult) fiction and… possibly… maybe, the… classics.

You can leave your recommendations in the comments.




2 thoughts on “YOUR Book Recommendations

  1. Here are a few recommendations for you. You may have already read some or all of them!

    The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper, beginning with Over Sea, Under Stone. They start out more as children’s books, but with each novel, the target age grows older, kind of like with the Harry Potter books. I don’t consider them classics, since the author is, I believe, still alive, and because they were written during my lifetime! But you may consider them classics. 🙂

    In a similar vein, the Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart has become a classic (though I read them when they were new!), and it’s now a “quintet” of books. If you like Arthurian stuff, you might enjoy these a lot.

    Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier — definitely a classic, though not public domain for a long while. It’s dark and mysterious with hauntingly beautiful language.

    “The Door in the Wall” and whatever other short stories may be collected with it, by H.G. Wells. This is one of my favorite Wells stories, as are many of the others that are usually published in the same volume. Classic science fiction.

    I hope you give some of those a try, if you haven’t read them already! 🙂


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