Alien–DUN DUN DUN!  Um… Who’s Mother?

I want to warn you all that this movie is rated R.  It contains explicit language and many violent scenes.

I’ve never done a movie review but I just have to review Alien because it was so darn AWESOME!!!

Alien is about people who are in space when all of a sudden, they start having alien encounters.  I promise, this movie is NOT cheesy and there is a MAJOR twist.  Major, major, major.  I’m going to see Aliens and hopefully Alien3 (the 3 is supposed to be on the upper right at the end of the word ‘Alien,’ like Alien cubed).

The only time I jumped, nothing scary was going on.  It just seemed scary for a second.  I’m trying really hard not to give any spoilers.  I’m trying to be very vague.


Let me know your thoughts!

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