New FanFic–Complete!!!

Hello, hello, and hello!

I’m so happy!  Why?  Because I’ve finished my newest fanfic!!!  I’ll tell you what it’s about:

Hermione is leading a normal life after the War. She has a family and a great job. But when an old school mate arrives at Hermione’s workplace and drags her to lunch to meet Draco Malfoy, Hermione’s life changes. She learns there is a threat hanging above her head, and nobody knows who it is from is responsible. But there is a twist: two other peoples’ lives are on the line as well. These three must stay together at all times, ensuring the other’s safety so they all can stay alive. But is the person chasing them clever enough to discover their plan? Or will they carry on, unharmed.

So… things didn’t exactly go according to plan after I wrote this little blurb, but it’s only part one!  And of course they’re not going to “carry on, unharmed” because if they did, what would be the point of writing the fic, right?

This is a ‘Dramansy’ fic.  I’m pretty sure I made that up.  If not, I take no credit for it at all xD  If you don’t know what Dramansy stands for, you’ll just have to wait for me to start posting the story.  Muahahaha!

I think I might post a little preview.  Altogether, there are 45 chappies, not including an epilogue, but try not to expect much from the epilogue, haha.


Let me know your thoughts!

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