Kidnapped: A Dramansy Story Chapter 2

A/N: Because I gave away most of Chapter 1 in the sneak peek, I thought I’d give everyone Chapter 2.  Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Pansy looked around the room.  She recognized many people she went to school with.  “Good morning, everyone.”

Hermione wired her mouth shut; she did not want Pansy to see her shock.

“Weasley,” said Pansy rudely.

“It’s Potter now, Parkinson,” said Ginny stiffly.

“Oh, I bet your family is proud of that.  Y’know.  Getting married to Potter and all.  Didn’t his dead parents leave him a lot of money?  I bet your family’s just dying to get their hands on it,” Pansy said maliciously.  Ginny clenched and unclenched her fists.

Hermione narrowed her eyes.  “Where’s Malfoy?  I thought you trailed after him like a lost puppy.  What, there are too many Mudbloods in the room?”

“Perhaps that may be it, Granger–”

“Weasley,” Hermione corrected her.

“But I highly doubt it.  Draco doesn’t have a problem with you Mudbloods.”  At this, a few people turned their heads in rage.  “Draco doesn’t like to… do the dirty work himself, as your lot would say.”

“The dirty work?” Hermione said.  “What are you going on about?

“Why don’t we get this meeting started?” suggested Rolf, noticing the tension in the room.

People murmured in agreement.

“Right.  In 2002, Ninety-seven percent of the pure-blood population used and mistreated House-elves.  Now, in 2017, fifty-three percent of the pure-blood population uses and mistreats House-elves.

“According to the Magical Creatures Decree, number forty-five, signed by Hermione Jean Weasley, Harry James Potter, Rolf Newton Scamander, and Draco Lucius Malfoy, all magical creatures residing in a wizarding household must be registered in the Ministry of Magic, and be free to come and go as they please.

“Thankfully, as soon as some families heard of this decree, they immediately registered their House-elves.”  Rolf scanned his floating papers, frowning.

“The question is,” he continued, “what must we do to make pure-bloods see that their treatment of their staff is wrong and unfair, especially since in the House-elves’ eyes, they believe they are supposed to be punished?”

“We could send Ministry agents out in the field to inform people to register their House-elves,” Pansy said, picking up a document.  “Anyone who breaks the decree after a certain amount of days should be seized and sentenced.”  She looked at Hermione and raised her eyebrows as if to say, Have you got any brilliant ideas, Mudblood?

Rolf muttered something under his breath and his Quick Quotes Quill took down everything Pansy said.  Very well, Ms. Parkinson.  I’ll have the Head of the department look into this.”

“Punishing people by the number of days they keep their House-elves unregistered is a great idea,” Hermione said sweetly.  “But what if they go on the run?  It has been known to happen, you know.  Oh, maybe you didn’t.  The 2005 investigation on a Wesson Zabini–no, he isn’t in any relation with Blaise Zabini.  Wesson Zabini ran to Australia.  It took a few years to find him.”

“Yes, I remember that,” said an old Amos Diggory.  “The Aurors weren’t much help.  They had their own problems with the case with the Death Eaters on the run.  They were striving to create a new group but failed.”

Amos left that comment hanging for a minute.  Hermione shivered.

“Well, on that… rather unhappy note,” Rolf said, “this meeting is adjourned.”


As everyone exited the meeting room Pansy gripped Hermione’s wrist and pulled her aside.  Hermione pulled her wrist away and said, “So I’m not a filthy Mudblood anymore?”

“No games, Granger.  I’ve been sent by…” said Pansy, trailing off.

“I’m a Weasley now.  You’ve been sent by whom?”

“And I bet your proud of it,” Pansy said smirking and ignoring Hermione’s question.  Ginny approached them.  “Fancy seeing you at an S.P.E.W. meeting, Parkinson.  Why’d you come?”

“What, am I not allowed to attend a meeting?” snapped Pansy, but she looked uneasy.

“I’ve got to go, Hermione,” said Ginny, turning away from Pansy.  “Lily’s only got a half day today for a doctor’s appointment.  I’ll call you from Harry’s phone later.”

Pansy made sure Ginny was gone before she continued speaking.  “Let’s get some lunch.”

“Hang on,” Hermione said suspiciously.  “You can’t bully me all those years in school and then expect me to want to have lunch with you.  What’s going on?”  Pansy glowered at Hermione.  “You’ll know,” she said through clenched teeth, “if you come to lunch.”

“I’m not going to lunch with you.  I’ve already made lunch plans with my husband.  Now, if you would excuse me–”

Pansy stepped in front of Hermione.  Her wand was out, but she kept it concealed.  “Yeah, here’s the thing: I can’t let you do that.  Come with me to lunch or you will… feel my wrath.”

Hermione raised a brow at Pansy, who lowered her wand.  “Look, Granger,” she said wearily, “I’m not trying to pick a fight, and have no problem drugging you.  But… but I can’t, so will you just come with me to lunch?”  Pansy didn’t wait for an answer and whipped a chain out of her pocket.  Hermione recognized them to be handcuffs.

Pansy moved swiftly and cuffed her wrist and Hermione’s wrist together.

“What in the name of Merlin are you doing?” she cried.

“Protecting you, and myself, and… never mind,” Pansy said in a low voice.  She started walking and Hermione tumbled, not expecting to be dragged across the floor of the Ministry.

“Ow, Parkinson, stop walking!” Hermione screeched, but she did not seem to hear her.  Hermione craned her neck, expecting to see her newly bought heels ruined.  She froze.  Hermione couldn’t see her heels at all!  She looked down at her shirt, but there was nothing.  She repeated the process with her pants.  Hermione was invisible!  She let out a small shriek.

Finally, they made it to the Floo fires.

“Hmm,” said Pansy thoughtfully, ignoring Hermione’s thrashing.  “Ah, okay.”  She stepped into the fireplace, dragging Hermione along.  “Jenkin and Jolly’s Lunch Time House, Diagon Alley!”

And they were gone.



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