The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper by Elizabeth Carroll

Summary (Goodreads):

So begins the adventure for fifteen-year-old Wil Johnson, a typical teenager whose strong belief in all things magical is born out of the sorrow in his life. While still mourning the loss of his father, Wil meets Cassia, a mystical being from the realm of clouds, whom only he can see and hear.While struggling to accept her magical presence, Wil faces other trials: his mother is beginning to date again, the school bully favors him as a target, and his best friend harbors a dark secret of his own. When Wil begins to lose himself to his anger, reality clashes with fantasy, and the end result leads him to a better understanding of betrayal and innocence, loss and hope, and the true power of friendship.



I picked up this book because it’s been on my reading list for a while.  I wasn’t expecting much.  But I was wrong.  This, I think, was one of the best books I’ve ever read.

The Secret Keeper was a short read, which is why I wasn’t expecting much, but it was deep.  Amazing.  Awesome.  Incredible.  Unlike anything I’ve ever read.  It was beautiful.

This isn’t a very long review, probably because I have nothing to critique, but I can’t stop talking about how much I LOVED THIS BOOK!

Best Line: “Your dad was a good guy.”  Scott studied the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.  Almost to himself, he added, “It seems like all the good ones leave while the bad ones…”

I will definitely check out more of Elizabeth Carroll’s work, because this one blew me away.  5/5 stars.  Great job, Ms. Carroll : )


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