Nashville: Deacon!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

One week ago, I saw the episode of ABC’s Nashville that I believed to be the last episode.  Well, I thought wrong.  When I went to Hulu today, a new episode was available.  Uh, what?!?!  

And oh.  My.  Gosh.  I am very mad at the people who make Nashville.  They are making me WAIT UNTIL THE FALL FOR THE NEXT SEASON???  AFTER WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?  HOW COULD THEY?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Okay.  Breath in and out, in and out.  Relax.  I’m good.

So first: Deacon finds out that Maddie is really his kid.  And he didn’t take it so well.  After being sober for thirteen years–Maddie’s entire life–he fell off the wagon and started drinking.  

Juliette.  Oh, poor, poor Juliette.  Her mother died to protect her from the evil Dante.  Grrr.  And she didn’t know until she received a smashed SD card the police retrieved from her mother’s garbage disposal.  Juliette desperately needed the card to protect her image.  At the end of the episode she dedicated a song to her mom, and no, it was not Jolene.

While Juliette was crooning, Rayna found Deacon heading to his car, drunk.  She wasn’t about to let him drive, and he fought her on it, but finally gave in.  The next time we see them Deacon is drinking in the passenger seat. 

So, Rayna was driving and yelling at Deacon and tried to pry the bottle away from him.  No.  No! They got into a horrible accident, the car flipped NUMEROUS times, and Maddie could lose her parents.  Both of them!

After the accident I was speechless… and rambling…  Okay, so maybe I wasn’t exactly speechless, but… well, I was.

On the other hand, Gunther proposed to Scarlett, which was cute.  Umm…AAA battery?

I just can’t believe I–and every other Nashville fan–have to wait until the fall to see what happened to Deacon and Rayna.  Will one of them be killed off?


Let me know your thoughts!

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