Liebster Blog Award

Wow!  I feel so giddy today.  Why?  Because I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Emma at Books Forget Me Knot!  Thank you sooo much, Emma!

Here is my award:

liebster blog awardIt’s beautiful!  *Tears up*

Here are the rules that are to be followed if you accept the Liebster Blog Award:

  • Post a link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  • Display the award on your blog/post.
  • Answer the 10 questions given/facts about yourself.  I’m going to follow the same format as Emma–for some reason, my get creative bones aren’t working xD
  • Nominate 10 blogs for the award and post links back to their blogs.
  • Notify the bloggers of their award.

Let’s go!

10 of my favorite activities include writing, reading (duh!), listening to music, crocheting (though, I haven’t done it in a while), visiting the library, drinking boba tea, discovering a great restaurant, blogging, visiting Goodreads, and I still love a good turn on the ol’ scooter!

9 of my favorite foods are pizza, Thai, Chinese fast food, Mongolian barbecue, tea house food, Mickey D’s, Starbucks, cheese, and  Kobe burgers!… yeah, no veggies.  Not a fan, no thanks.

8 of my favorite songs are:

  • Mockingbird by EMINEM
  • Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin
  • Cherry-Coloured Funk by Cocteau Twins
  • Waiting by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin
  • Second Chance by Shinedown
  • If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback
  • Here Comes Your Man by Pixies

7 of my favorite authors are:

  • J. K. Rowling
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Marie Rutkoski
  • Rick Riordan
  • Ally Condie
  • Lauren Myracle
  • Wendy Mass

6 of the things that annoy me are rude people, when people lie, people who aren’t nice to others, people who act like they’re “all that”, people who diss stuff that I like to do (like reading), people who don’t have anything nice to say but still say it O_o

5 of the things that tickle my pickle are… you know, I really can’t think of five things that tickle my pickle.  I’ll have to get back to you on that : D

4 of my fears include not being able to remember all of the books I want to read (no joke), failure, bad guys (dun dun DUN!!!), and… writers block.

3 of my wishes are to become a writer, to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have time to read (does that count?), and a $250 iTunes gift card.  What?  There is always a need for more music on my iPod xD

2 of my heroes include (I’m going with book characters here): Harry Potter and… probably Petra Kronos from the Kronos Chronicles.

1 of my secrets is… well, I went through this phase where I was, like, super obsessed with the Harry Potter Series.  I would go to characters’ Wiki pages and soak up everything I read about them.  I collect wands (others who know me call them sticks… THEY’RE NOT JUST STICKS!!!) in a jar on my desk.  I made an HP book shelf out of a shoe box, haha, and I wrote out all of the HP spells in a notebook, along with a lot of the characters.  I would also do HP crossword puzzles.  I’d get a piece of graph paper and write all the names of the HP characters I could think of in crossword style.  Yeah… that’s my secret.  Of course I’m well over the obsession phase.  But that’s probably because I know all I need to know about the series.  But I’ll never know enough.

And here are the wonderful nominees for the Liebster Blog Award.  These are blogs I visit a lot and they’re really great!  I’ll probably include some blogs from my previous award post : ):

Nirvana’s Pocketful

Jeyna Grace ©

My Harry Potter blog!

Travels with the Trio

Young Adult Book Reviews


travels with mary

Fabulous Realms

Once again, thank you so much, Emma, for this award.  It totally made my day : )



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