Proof of Life

Proof of Life by Laura Scott

Summary (Goodreads):

CSI investigator Shanna Dawson has never forgiven herself for the long-ago disappearance of her little sister, Skylar. For fourteen years there have been no leads—or proof of life. Until now. Until Skylar’s fingerprints implicate her in a murder at a fraternity house. Shanna is desperate to find the young woman. And so is handsome campus cop Quinn Murphy—the victim’s half brother. But as their team investigation leads to an unexpected closeness and the revelation of family secrets, Shanna prays that her sister is innocent. And that the real killer is caught before Quinn is hurt, or Skylar is lost forever.



This is a short review because it was a short read… er… even though it took me three days to read it.

I picked up this book at a book sale hosted in front of my library a month ago.  I started reading Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix, but saw this lying on my table and decided to read it.

The author would not stop using the word ‘merit.’  It made me CRAZY!!!  “This idea has merit!” and “That idea has merit!”  Seriously.  It annoyed the heck out of me.

What happened towards the end bumped my rating up–to 3/5 stars.

The epilogue was so incredibly cheesy.


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